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Defining Age Management Medical Services To A New Generation

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Everyone currently under the age of thirty has no idea what the “march of time across one’s face” actually means. They live in a world of youth and possibilities. When asked what age management medical services are, they might guess that it means nursing homes and elderly care. Actually, it has nothing to do with end-of-life care and everything to do with something they will have to face in the next decade or two. For those of you that are still reveling in being young, you may want to pause to read the following about the next stage of your life. What Age Management Medical Services Are Age management is any product or service meant to stop the aging process and/or reverse its appearance on your body, face, hair, inner organs, and teeth. When you bring in the medical services end, you are looking at medical procedures and medicines that assist you with managing your aging appearance. There are several services that fall under age management medical services, and a doctor has to be in charge of virtually all of them. What Services Fall under Medical Age Management Medical services that fall under medically-managed aging include anti-aging hormones, hormone replacement therapy, Botox injections, both surgical and non-surgical fat removal services, permanent hair transplants for hair loss, teeth bleaching, neck lifts, etc. Many of these services are now performed in-office, with offices located inside shopping malls so that patients and clients can have procedures completed over a lunch break. A highly trained, certified and licensed medical professional does most of these treatments while you may have to go through your regular doctor for others (e.g. hormone replacement therapies). How Soon You Can Begin These Services Anybody can start some of these services in their mid- to late-twenties to ward off the aging process that begins in your thirties. However, most clients are in their late thirties to early fifties. As long as you are over the age of eighteen, you can begin the medical procedure services for hair loss, Botox, fat removal, teeth bleaching, neck lifts, skin bleaching, and cryo-freezing dark spots and melanomas (i.e. moles). Hormone therapies should not begin until after menopause or testopause, and/or after you finished your childbirthing years. (The hormones could negatively affect fetuses in utero, so you have to verify that you are not pregnant and are not able to get pregnant.) There are some possible side effects for hormone therapies for men and reproduction as well, which is why these therapies should be prescribed and monitored by a...

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5 Tips To Help A Loved One Stay Sober After Going To Rehab

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When you have a loved one who has an addiction, it can be very difficult for the entire family. One of the best things that can happen is for the addict to recognize that he or she has a substance abuse problem and commit to an in-patient program at a recovery center for substance abuse. A good substance abuse recovery program can go a long way in helping a person recover from an addiction, but it is not a magic cure. If you have a loved one in rehab, use the following tips to help him or her stay sober: Do Not Be Judgmental  A person who has just completed a rehab program and is learning to live a sober life can be very vulnerable. You can help by not judging your loved one or making negative comments about their past behavior or actions when they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Make it a point to tell your loved one how much you care for him or her and how proud you are that he or she is working hard to maintain sobriety. Keep Substances Out of Your Home One of the most important things for a recovering addict is to live in a substance-free environment after completing a rehab program. If you happen to drink alcohol occasionally, do so outside of the home and away from the person who is in recovery. Encourage your loved one to spend time with friends and other family members who do not use drugs or drink. Suggest a Support Group Recovering from a substance abuse problem is an ongoing process that will continue long after the rehab program ends. You may want to consider suggesting that your loved one join a support group for recovering addicts. Many people in recovery find support groups and spending time with other people who are recovering from substance abuse to be very beneficial.  Create a Healthy Lifestyle Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly can help a person in recovery feel better both physically and emotionally. Try to help your loved one create new healthy habits to replace old habits so he or she can better maintain their sobriety. Don’t Give Up It is important to be patient with someone who just got out of rehab. Recovery from substance abuse can be a long, complicated journey, and some days may be better than others. Your patience and support can make a huge...

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FAQ About Dermal Fillers

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Do your lips become thinner, and do fine lines appear on your face as you get older? If you want to regain a youthful appearance without undergoing a surgical procedure, you might want to speak to a specialist about dermal fillers. There are different types of fillers that can be used, but which you choose will depend on the specific type of work that you want done. Take a look at this article for answers to questions you might have in regard to dermal fillers. What Types of Dermal Fillers Are Available? You will have the option of choosing between dermal fillers that are synthetic or the ones that are naturally derived. No matter which type of filler is used, you are likely to be satisfied with the results. The difference between the two filler types is that the one that is naturally derived fillers will actually dissipate as time passes by. The synthetic filler will sit permanently under your skin. The softness of the fillers will vary with both the synthetic and natural derived formulas. What Do Dermal Fillers Do? Dermal fillers can smooth out the wrinkles in your face and plump up your lips just like Botox. However, unlike Botox, the fillers are not aimed at preventing your facial muscles from moving. Dermal fillers will simply be injected to plump up the areas of your face that you want to improve. The fillers will create a smother look that does not leave your face without the inability to move to the fullest extent. Is Everyone a Candidate for Dermal Fillers? There is not much required to make you a good candidate for dermal fillers. For instance, the main concern will be that your overall health is in good shape. The specialist will also ask about the type of results you expect to come from getting dermal fillers. He or she will basically make sure your goals are realistic. You might not be a good candidate if you are a smoker. What Happens During the Procedure? The first thing that will be done is marking the sites on your face that will be injected. The sites will then be cleaned with an antibacterial agent to get rid of germs. Anesthesia will be used to numb the injection sites, but sometimes a specialist will simply chill the skin to ease pain. The filler will then be injected in each site until satisfactory results are achieved. This is not a long process. Talk to a company such as Stellis Health to learn...

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Uh-Oh…A Guide To What To Expect When Your Love Of Running Has Been Compromised By Your Shin Splints

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Although running is a vital component of many exercise plans and can provide a variety of health benefits, it is also a leading cause of shin splints and the pain that goes with them. While it could be tempting to hang up your running shoes until the pain subsidizes, doing so exclusively is not always the best way to address the problem and it could easily return soon after you start running again. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult with your podiatrist to establish what your options are for treating this uncomfortable issue and preventing its return. Understanding And Treating Shin Splints It will first be important to understand that shin splints typically occur as the result of overuse, but can manifest after a single session in some cases. It is characterized by discomfort or pain around the back or front of the shin and can be experienced in the muscles and tendons of one or both legs. If left untreated, the pain will usually get worse over time and eventually could limit your ability to walk without discomfort or even running very often in the future. Shin splints are also known as Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome,or MTSS, and in some instances can result in intermittent pain of and near the joints.   In order to create a care plan and prevent the recurrence of your shin splints, you will need to evaluate where you run and what you can do to improve the situation. For instance, if your running shoes do not offer the appropriate support, shin splints are more likely, so it could be time to upgrade your shoes. In addition, running on concrete can put a lot of stress on the joints and tendons in your legs, so it is a good time to change your running area to one with grass or similar support.  Common Treatment Options If you have bought new shoes and are now running on a track or a similarly padded area, but your pain persists or has worsened, your podiatrist will probably suggest other treatment choices. X-rays are frequently needed to rule out other reasons for your pain, like stress fractures or a malformation of a bone or joint in the foot. Common examples include the prescribed use orthotics for your running shoes in order to change the angle that your ankles or feet maintain during your exercise. In addition to the standard suggestions associated with any injury like resting and icing the affected area for a specific amount of time, you should expect to build back up to your previous running patterns slowly. Your foot doctor may also ask you to display the position and gait you normally use while running in order to determine if you are running in a safe and appropriate manner. If they are problematic, you might need to learn and practice new ways to move and run to prevent the problem in the future.     In conclusion, shin splints are a painful and common problem for many runners. As a result, it will be helpful to speak with your foot doctor at your earliest convenience to determine the most appropriate way to treat your shin splints and to create a care plan that will prevent them from returning.    ...

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Reasons To Hire A Home Health Aide If You Have Depression

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If you’re elderly, live alone, and are struggling with depression, getting through each day can feel like an insurmountable challenge. It’s important to realize that a light at the end of a dark tunnel can come in the form of a home health aide who can visit you daily. Home health aides can help their patients in a number of different ways, but the presence of this health professional can prove especially valuable for those who are suffering from depression. Here are some reasons to hire a home health aide when you’re struggling from this emotional issue. The Visit Can Cheer You Up When you live alone and have depression, you’ll often feel isolated. While you might occasionally talk to family members on the phone, you may feel down because you have little in-person connection with others. The daily visit of a home health aide is something that can help to cheer you up. Regardless of the other duties that the aide has been hired to manage, his or her presence can be a high point in your day. You’ll have someone to talk to and someone who has a clinical understanding of what you’re going through. You may feel that your depression begins to lift as you eagerly anticipate this daily interaction with your aide. You’ll Have Help Getting Outside Getting outside is useful when you have depression. There’s some evidence that getting a dose of vitamin D can help when you have depression, and this vitamin is found in the sunlight. This might be why you often feel your mood become elevated when you go outside on a sunny day. If you’re elderly, you may be suffering from mobility issues that prevent you from going outside for a walk given your concern over falling. Your home health aide will lift this concern by providing the necessary physical support to help you get outside and move around. The Aide Will Help With Your Medication Taking anti-depression medication can help with your symptoms, but it can be a challenge to take the medication regularly if you’re feeling depressed and sleeping for large sections of the day. Home health aides are known for their ability to successfully manage their patients’ medication. This means that your aide will determine the suggested frequency for your medication and make sure that you take it during these intervals. If you’re asleep, the aide can even wake you up to ensure that you take the medication at the proper time. For more information, contact local professionals like Ameristaff Nursing...

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How Nasal Sprays Are A Gateway Drug And How Substance Abuse Treatments Help

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Do not laugh–nasal sprays can be a gateway drug. Ask anyone who is used to snorting or inhaling an illegal substance, and they probably know. Need the facts? Here is more on how nasal sprays are a gateway drug and how substance abuse treatment can help. Nasal Sprays and What They Do Nasal sprays are designed to open nasal passages and shrink blocked and swollen nasal tissues. Your sinuses are completely open to your brain. Your blood vessels can absorb the medicine from the sprays and continue to make it work hours after you have used the nasal sprays. They are effective at what they do. Sometimes they are so effective, people can become addicted to them and just use them constantly.  The other, darker aspect of nasal sprays is that with your sinuses open to your brain and your nasal passages unblocked, illegal drugs have the fastest route to an intense high. Take a person who snorts cocaine, for example. Using nasal spray beforehand and then snorting cocaine sends the cocaine straight into the bloodstream and right into the brain. There is almost no waiting for the high this user seeks. It is virtually instantaneous. The same holds true for any drug you can inhale, such as marijuana or opium–you clear the sinuses and nasal passages first, and the illegal drugs have a direct path to the brain. How Substance Abuse Treatments Can Help First and foremost, you should enter a substance abuse program to shake the addiction to the illegal drug first. If you have a secondary drug addiction to nasal sprays and what they provide for you, that can be treated at the same time. In fact treating all of your addictions at the same time is ideal, since treating only one at a time can cause major relapses in your recovery. Since the nasal spray is the trigger that gets you to snort or inhale an illegal drug, you will get help quitting that cold turkey as well. Cognitive therapies for compulsion and psych therapies for the problems that drove you to use will be discussed in-depth in your treatments. There is always an emotional or psychological reason for using, and discovering that something as simple as a nasal spray enhances your high can only make the addiction and self-medicating behavior worse. As for the physical impact these addictions have on your nose and sinuses, they may have to be treated over time to correct all of the damage the nasal spray abuse and drug addiction has...

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A Guide To Inpatient Addiction Facilities For Your Adolescent

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If your teenaged son or daughter has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it could easily be one of the most terrifying issues you have ever faced. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of appropriate treatment choices and to be sure that you have made the right decisions as to a recovery program. Unfortunately, it has been estimated that only about one out of ten people seek help for their addiction. Therefore, the following is information is going to be quite useful at this challenging time. Choosing Inpatient Care It is important to note that it has often been noted that teenagers have specific addiction needs that often vary from those of adults, even if a similar addiction is being experienced. Since many teenagers have developed their addiction as the result of their social life and current experiences, it is frequently necessary to make a quick and complete change to their social life. Therefore, an inpatient recovery program is often the most appropriate choice and it is not unusual for that program to be 30 days or more. In addition, it is a good idea to remember that the amount of time your teenager spends in an inpatient recovery program for adolescents can be impacted by their willingness to work towards a life free of drugs and alcohol and their behavior while at the facility. If you choose an inpatient recovery center for your teenager, he or she will be in a safe place that allows no drugs or alcohol to be available, while treating the underlying causes of the addiction. In many instances, medications can make the recovery physically easier, permitting better odds for long-term recovery and sobriety. If your teenager has both a drug or alcohol problem and a mental health problem at the same time, inpatient care is usually the best choice, as explained below. Behavioral therapy, group therapy, and various positive reinforcement techniques in a nurturing and positive environment have all been successful for many teenagers. Finding A Facility That Offers Dual Treatment Unfortunately, one common problem today for people of all ages is the need for dual treatment. Dual treatment facilities exist to provide the unique care that your teenager needs if he or she has developed both an addiction and a mental health problem. Since it is not unusual for people to self medicate themselves for a mental health problem with illegal drugs, the need for dual treatment issue is more common than you might think. For instance, it would not be an unusual for a schizophrenic to use drugs to stop the voices they hear in their head, Additionally, a bi-polar individual may consume excess alcohol when cycling through a manic or depressive episode. Regardless, prompt recognition of the problem and immediate treatment of all the issues in an appropriate and experienced setting is frequently the best way for your teenager to recover and return home as a healthy and sober adolescent. In conclusion, removing your teenager from the environment where the addiction began and the behavior continued is usually only possible when choosing an inpatient recovery program at a facility like Brightside Clinic. Therefore, it is essential for you to make the right choices for their care and to be aware of the benefits associated with inpatient treatment. The information...

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Why Flossing Is More Important Than You Think

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When you visit the dentist, he or she probably asks you if you floss your teeth. Hopefully you do, but there are many people who don’t do this unless they can feel something trapped between two teeth. Flossing is something you should do daily, and here are three important reasons you should make this a habit. It Helps Eliminate Bad Breath Your mouth is full of bacteria, and the longer the bacteria stays there the more prone you are to having bad breath. Some of this bacteria can be washed away from brushing your teeth, but your toothbrush cannot reach every area of your mouth, and this is one of the reasons flossing is so important. When you floss your teeth, you will be cleaning every area between your teeth. Even you do not see food particles coming out when you floss, you will still be eliminating small particles of bacteria. Each time you do this, you are helping your breath stay fresher. It Helps Eliminate Tartar And Plaque Because your toothbrush cannot reach between your teeth, flossing is a great way to prevent cavities from forming. When you floss, you are removing plaque and tartar from these areas of your mouth. In addition, flossing helps clean your gums. The benefit of this is that you may be able to keep your teeth healthier and cavity free if you develop a good daily routine that involves flossing. Flossing may also help you prevent developing gum disease. Your Overall Health May Improve There are many studies that prove that oral health has impacts on overall health. If you have a healthy mouth, you will be healthier overall. If you have oral issues in your mouth, such as decay or gum disease, it can impact your body in many ways. For example, if you have oral health issues, you may be at a higher risk for developing cardiovascular problems. You might also have a higher risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you currently have any health problems, such as diabetes, oral health issues can worsen the symptoms. With daily flossing, you might be able to reduce all these risks. Flossing alone is not enough to take good care of your teeth and mouth, but it is an important part of good oral care habits. If you are interested in learning more about this, contact a dentist like David Jackson, DDS today to schedule an...

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Managing Your Allergies With Oral Medication, Inhalers, And Nasal Spray

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When allergy season hits, you may be overwhelmed with symptoms. Itchy, watery eyes and a stuffed up nose are common for people who suffer from allergies. Whether your allergies have been identified as indoor or outdoor allergies, getting your symptoms under control is important. While some people don’t find symptoms worth medicating, others find that allergies make a significant impact in their daily lives. If you are struggling with your allergies and your asthma is getting worse, it’s time to meet with your doctor to discuss your options. While you can try over-the-counter treatments on your own, it is best if you talk with a doctor to determine the best course of treatment. Nasal Spray to Get Rid of Nasal Symptoms An itchy, watery, runny nose can be a nuisance. When you can’t seem to get rid of your nasal symptoms, it’s probably time to try a nasal spray of some type. A common spray prescribed by doctors is fluticasone nasal spray, which is a corticosteroid that helps prevent allergic reactions from occurring. While the symptoms may get under control with the fluticasone nasal spray, it’s important to understand that it isn’t a cure. Once symptoms improve, you can cut back on the spray until you don’t need it any longer. Check out a company like Dymista for more information on fluticasone nasal spray. Inhalers When Asthma Gets Triggered While allergies aren’t responsible for causing asthma, they can make asthma worse for those that suffer from it. Your doctor can prescribe a flovent inhaler, which is similar to the fluticasone but inhaled into your lungs. It’s a similar medication meant to reduce inflammation in your lungs and reduce your reaction to the allergens in the air. You may also begin using a rescue inhaler such as albuterol, which helps reduce wheezing in people who are having problems with their breathing. Oral Medications for Allergies Oral medications for allergies need to be taken every day in order to really work properly. Medications such as Zyrtec and Claritin are medications taken once a day that help alleviate allergy symptoms. You aren’t going to feel better a few hours after your first dose of Zyrtec or Claritin, as these medications take a few days to build up to adequate levels in your system. Benadryl is an allergy medication used to treat symptoms immediately, and it should be considered when your symptoms are feeling out of control. Your allergies can be managed, but they may require a variety of medications to get under...

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Recognizing The Subtle Signs Of Thyroid Disorders

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Although most people automatically think to call the doctor when they’re dealing with an obvious illness, sometimes the more subtle signs of illnesses are easy to overlook. Until you evaluate all of your symptoms collectively, you may not recognize the big picture as the sign of a real problem. For example, problems with your thyroid can exhibit as many different things, including overwhelming fatigue, weight changes, and even concentration issues. Here are some of the things that you should watch for and discuss with your doctor. Unexplained Weight Changes Whether you’re gaining a lot of weight without any dietary changes or have suddenly lost a significant percentage of your body weight, either could be associated with your thyroid. Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, slows your body’s metabolism and causes you to gain weight. Hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid, actually causes your metabolism to speed up, which leads to unexplained weight loss. Dry, Brittle, Or Falling Hair Your thyroid can also affect the condition of your hair. The hormone changes that occur as a result of the thyroid production issues will dry your hair out or leave it feeling brittle. In addition, an underactive thyroid can also cause excessive hair loss. If you brush your hair and find a lot of hair in the brush on a regular basis, that’s a sign that your thyroid may not be functioning as intended. Concentration Problems One of the things that many people overlook is the difficulty with concentration. When your thyroid hormone levels are not properly balanced, it affects hormone production as a whole. The hormones affected also contribute to your ability to focus and think clearly. If you’re struggling with general concentration problems in addition to some of the other common symptoms, it may be an indication that your thyroid is not functioning correctly. Ridges In Your Nails This is a subtle symptom, but one that is also very common with thyroid issues. If you run a finger across the width of your fingernail and can feel raised ridges on the nail instead of a smooth surface, it often means you’re struggling with a thyroid problem. Your nails may even break much easier than they have in the past, which is similar to the problem to what can occur with your hair. If you’re noticing any collection of these symptoms, you should talk with your general practitioner about your concerns. A simple blood test is enough to help you find out how your thyroid is...

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